New Production July 2022

The play has been chosen. The players have been cast. The scenes have been set. All that's required now, is for you to buy tickets for the Steyning Drama Club performance of :-

'Chance Encounters' by Jamesine Cundell Walker.


Playing for three nights: Friday 8th July (doors open 7pm), Saturday 9th July (doors open 7pm)  and Sunday 10th of July (doors open 5:00pm). All Tickets £8.00. Follow the ticket link above.  (Tickets may also be purchased from June 1st at The Steyning Book Shop).


One Autumn day, one park bench, nine scenes, fourteen characters and a tortoise.

Do you enjoy people watching? When you see someone just waiting, do you ever speculate on their back story? 'Chance Encounters' explores this curiosity as, over the course of one Autumn day,  several different scenes unfold on and around a bench. Fourteen different characters come and go, allowing us a glimpse into their lives - the jogger, the mother, the school child, the bag lady. They are all part of the life of this rural Recreation Ground. Come and do some people watching with us. 

Chance encounter bench.jpg